Whether it's the Foreword by Patterson Hood, the cover and chapter art by Wes Freed, or the essays and interviews from the band and Athens Mayor Kelly Girtz to The Bitter Southerner's Chuck Reece and filmmaker Barr Weissman, The Company We Keep is a deep dive into a special weekend and an equally special group of fans.

Here's a quick look at the interviews, essays, and photos you'll see:

Lindsay Jordan

Patterson Hood

A Bit of History

Chapter 1 - Homecoming & The Rock Show 
Chuck Reece, Editor/Founder of The Bitter Southerner
Sarah Henderson
Jay Leavitt
Cooley, Brad, Jay, and Matt
Wes show posters from 2008 - 2018, with the Homecoming setlists

Chapter 2 - Glorious Openers 
Trae Crowder
Don Chambers
Carter King of Futurebirds
Will Johnson
Elliott McPherson of Dexateens
Danny Hutchens of Blookdkin
David Barbe
Mike Mantione of Five Eight
Kelly Orcutt of Glossary
Julian Doro of The Whigs
Parker Gispert of The Whigs
Thayer Sarrano
T. Hardy Morris

Chapter 3 - The 40 Watt Club 
Barrie Buck
Velena Vega
Joseph Davis

Chapter 4 - Athens, GA 
Kelly Girtz, Mayor of Athens
Nate Mitchell from Wuxtry
Jeremy Long from Flicker
Luke Henderson
Joe and Emily Jared
Scott Baxendale
Justin True on the Dazed Inn

Chapter 5 - Nuci's Space
Dave Chamberlin
Sarah Henderson
Bob Sleppy

Chapter 6 - Camp Amped Band 
Mamie Davis
Debbie Watson
2018 band interview

Chapter 7 - Building the Fan Community 
Jenn Bryant
Barr Weissman
John Contovasilis
Mark Lynn
Alec Riedl
Brandon Haynie
Wes Freed
Charlie Mustard at Jittery Joe's
Joe Ploof at Hanging Hills Brewing Co.

Chapter 8 - The Fans
40 fan interviews and essays + tons of great photos from Hank Mathewes, Amy Ellis, and Lindsay Jordan

Chapter 9 - Celebrations 
Beth and Dean Gavney
April and Jake Mosley

Chapter 10 - Their Fire Lights Our Way
Lorna Robertson on John
Jeff Bernfeld on Bryan
Rebecca Rudin on Ben 
Memories of Craig Lieske

Chapter 11 - Friendships
Beth and Jeff Lakes
Tons of great photos from Hank Mathewes, Amy Ellis, and Lindsay Jordan

Epilogue & Acknowledgements
Robert Fiveash